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In this list you see some links to programs that are somewhat related to francine:
  • S-Lang: This is John E. Davis own page about his curses replacement and embedable scripting language. We used it for parsing the config file and for the ability to enhance francine with hooks.
  • rungetty: This is a nice replacement for all the console gettys that can run any program - which makes it perfect for francine.
  • WMAnsiEd: This editor is quite useful to create your own login screens. Give it a try, you might get the hang on it :-)
  • fancylogin: Last but not least a link to fancylogin - the mother of this program. The initial source was taken from there, and also the main idea is Richard Bergmair's one. Just the changes (or especially?) that were made afterwards (that is, after version 0.99.8pre of fancylogin) are the (l)onely output of the francine team.
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